Here's some help for you to keep your waistline and cholesterol in check as you feast during the next several days and beyond.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The nutrition experts say that snacking between meals is a good way to include foods that help lower cholesterol as long as you choose wisely.

How about munching on popcorn?  Popcorn is a whole grain which means it's high in fiber and helps lower cholesterol.  It has more fiber than whole wheat bread.  Skip the oil, butter, and salt.  To add some flavor, spray on some olive oil or Parmesan cheese.

Pretzels can be a real good snack as well.  They are fat free, have a nice crunch, and won't mess up your cholesterol.

You can't go wrong with veggies either.  Snack on them with a low fat dip or hummus.  Hummus has lots of fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

You can satisfy a sugar craving with fruit.  Apples, strawberries, grapes, and citrus fruits have lots of pectin.  Pectin is a fiber that can decrease your LDL (bad) cholesterol level.

Finally, now that Old Man Winter has officially arrived, try some oatmeal.  It tastes great, warms you up, and has lots of fiber.

Eat, enjoy, and be well on this Christmas Eve.