There’s a new dance craze that’s sweeping your school of office. It’s called the Harlem Shake and it’s gotten thirteen Pennsylvania high school students suspended for 2 days for shooting a classroom video version. 


Brownsville Area School Board President Roy Brashear called the dance “very graphic and very vulgar” in defending the suspensions. Kathleen Broadwater, who’s daughter fifteen year old Alyssa shot the video on her iPad, says she doesn’t condone the behavior but thinks the punishment is too harsh.


Maybe for high school but they are doing it in college, like Kansas University for instance..

Or at the NFL Combine which started today


Even the animals at Sea World are getting into the act.

I say , in the words of Pink Floyd, “Hey teacher leave those kids alone” If the Harlem Shake is your biggest problem, then you really have no problem at all. What do you think?


Now that we’ve seen all these versions, let’s see what New Jersey has to offer, please post your Harlem Shake video here and the best one wins tickets to Sarcasm Comedy Club.