On Tuesday's show, Judi and I discussed how ridiculous the fireworks laws are in New Jersey — and also in Pennsylvania.

While fireworks are considered contraband in New Jersey and are banned, I as a New Jersey resident can drive over the border to Pennsylvania and buy them there. Here's where it gets tricky.

I can only buy fireworks in PA if I'm not a Pennsylvania resident. So as a New Jersey resident, I can purchase fireworks out of state, but once I bring them back into NJ, I'm guilty of carrying illegal contraband that are subject to seizure. Make sense to you?

Don't feel bad, we don't get it either!

So while you're enjoying your freedom on Independence Day, realize that you're not as free as you think when you live in the Garden State. Celebrate the Fourth of July in New Jersey but make sure you don't break the law and light off any fireworks! Save yourself the big, fat hassle and go watch some NJ fireworks shows instead.

Watch my full rant in the video above.

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