This select group of people "officially" celebrate their birthdays once every four years.  On Wednesday they will celebrate!

[/caption]By flipping your calendar a few weeks ago, you may have noticed that this February has 29 days.  Yes, 2012 is a leap year.  Why is there a leap year?  We know a year consists of 365 days.  Actually, it takes the earth exactly 365 days 6 hours to revolve around the sun during a calendar year.


To compensate for the additional six hours per year an adjustment is made every four years.  That's our leap year.  A few notables born on February 29th include Pope Paul III, English poet, John Byrom, bandleader, Jimmy Dorsey, Dinah Shore, and actor, Dennis Farina.   So, what's the deal with people who were born on February 29th?

Legally, most states consider March 1st as the official birthday for Leaplings.  That's the date they put on the driver's license.  During non-leap years, when do Leaplings celebrate their birthdays?  From reading a bunch of posts, most Leaplings keep it within the same month and observe their birthdays on February 28th.  There are some who prefer to blow out the candles on March 1st.  There are clubs for Leaplings including "The Honor Society of Leap Year day Babies."    There are even websites where you can purchase Leapling gifts.

The chance of being born on February 29th is about 1 in 1,500.  From me to you Leaplings.  Happy Birthday, four times over!