On Jan 15th my father Albert Trevelise turned 90 years old.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Trevelise

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he quickly replied “91”. As you can see, my father is where I got my sense of humor from. I remember one time when he and my mom were making their bed, he asked her where his pillow was and she sarcastically replied “It’s in my back pocket!” to which he replied, without missing a beat  ”Really? I thought all that was you!”


Along with my sense of humor, the other thing my father taught me by example was his work ethic. He worked two and sometimes 3 jobs simultaneously centering around his 30 years on the Union City Fire department. My father was the first to drive the “Snorkel” and also go up in the bucket to rescue people. Things he would never talk about and we only heard of when people would call and tell us. When we’d ask him he would downplay it. I was named Stephen after Father Stephen Paul who rescued my dad from a building that collapsed on him.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Trevelise

My oldest friend Rob Pisani, now Captain Rob Pisani, became a fireman because of him and I was so proud when we went to his installation seeing the welcome he received when he walked into the room.


He was also a torpedo man 1std class in the Navy and spent most of that time on a submarine called the USS Ronquil off the coast of Japan. Every year he goes to their reunion, of the 343 who started on the boat, there are only 6 left.


It’s hard to believe that my father’s 90 because he lives like he’s about 40. He’s healthy, has his own condo. He tried living with my wife and I but had to move because we were “cramping his style’  He drives his own car, goes fishing a few times each week, and spends countless hours chasing his grandchildren around and catching them!


I’m a lucky man to still have my father around. I still get more from one conversation with him than I do from all the research I read and hear. Of all the things I got from my father, the one thing I’m really hoping for is his genes. Happy Birthday Dad!


Who’s the oldest person you know?