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That Ebola nurse who was briefly quarantined in New Jersey but released to home quarantine in Maine it doesn't look like she's going anywhere soon.  Her lawyer insisted Kaci Hickox could pretty much do as she pleases after staying home for a day or two.  But this morning, Maine's health commissioner says they are prepared to legally enforce the state's quarantine guidelines.  Gov. Chris Christie released Hickox from quarantine in Newark after she agreed to stay confined in Maine.

Hickox has threatened a lawsuit over her involuntary quarantine in New Jersey.  Gov. Christie says, "bring it on."  Asked about it by reporters, the governor responded: "Whatever.  Get in line.  I've been sued lots of times before."

There has been a lot of confusion over health policies as they pertain to Ebola.  A lot of you have been asking us what the official policy is in New Jersey. Unfortunately, there are still more questions than answers.  The state health department has been unable to provide a written policy.  Instead a spokesperson directed us to statements Gov. Christie made Monday. Now, based on what the governor has said and press releases his office has issued, we have cobbled together what appears to be the official policy. It's part of the exclusive content you'll find at this morning.

Cancelling Halloween? Did Gov. Christie cancel Halloween over Ebola fears? Well, no. A satirical website Daily Currant wrote a "story" regarding Governor Christie banning Halloween over the threat of Ebola. Christie did, however, reschedule Halloween festivities during Superstorm Sandy 2 years ago.

No one is injured, but the experiment of a south jersey science class goes up in flames when a rocket headed for the international space station blows up off the Virginia coast.

Two years ago, much of the coast was evacuated heading Gov. Christie's order to get the hell off the beach. Superstorm Sandy was about to make landfall and chew away large chunks of the jersey shore and bring catastrophic flooding to most of the state. Gov. Christie will tour the coastline today.

Getting people back in their homes since Sandy.  It's been a mixed bag of results. In Toms River, for example, there are plenty of success stories but just as many tales of frustration.

Today we mark the two-year anniversary of sandy making landfall in New Jersey. A new Monmouth University-Asbury Park press poll released this morning asks if you're satisfied with the recovery effort and if you think the state is or even can be prepared for another superstorm.

The White House says it has taken steps to address suspicious activity detected on its unclassified computer network. A white house official says "activity of concern" was detected while assessing numerous possible cyber-threats that the executive office of the president is made aware of daily. The White House will not comment on a Washington post report that Russia is thought to be behind the breach.

A slow-moving lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could soon consume a second structure -- a two-story house in the Pahoa village community. Lava already has burned down an empty shed, and officials say at least 50 or 60 homes and businesses are in an area likely to be hit. Residents have had weeks to pack up what they could and evacuate.

 Lava flow inches closer to homes in Hawaii / CNN

For years Jersey lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have been patting each other on the back, passing all kinds of bills designed to stimulate the state economy and improve the business climate but a just released report finds they have failed miserably.

A Denver Broncos fan who disappeared from sports authority field during last week's game has been found safe in pueblo, about 100 miles south of Denver. Police aren't commenting other than to say there will be no criminal charges. There's been no comment from the family of 53-year-old Paul Kitterman. He had been last seen when he left his seat at half-time last Thursday to meet some friends.

Middlesex County Police are stepping up efforts to find the suspects of two home invasions just days apart.

Victim in Old Bridge home invasions sent to hospital after attack /

Parents listen up! Halloween is one of the deadliest holidays for children.

Monmouth County's Alessandra Castronovo was sent home by Adam Levine on the voice last night.  New Jersey is still represented on the NBC show by Jersey City's Ricky Manning.

Gangs, we know, are a substantial problem in the Garden State but a new case out of Union County shows us just how far they're willing to go in order to mark their territory.

Whether Monmouth Park and other sties can legally take sports bets remains tied up in the courts.  A judge will now hear arguments in the case on November 20.  Major pro leagues are leading a lawsuit against New Jersey to prevent the repeal of a sports gambling ban.

There are thousands of African immigrants living in Jersey, and because of growing fears about Ebola, some of their kids are now starting to be shunned…and even bullied by other children at school and on the playground.

WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... Showers likely.  Highs 62-70
TONIGHT... A leftover shower.  Mostly cloudy.  Lows 40-46
TOMORROW... Mostly sunny.  Cooler.  Highs 56-60 

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