My fiancee is short. No big deal. I love her. I find her crazy hot. Even when I realized she missed out on legal midget status by only two inches, didn't matter. She's perfect. Then I was doing all our laundry one day and I noticed something. Her jeans next to my 7 year old daughter's jeans. I just had to take a picture of this as I was laughing. Check out how close they are. Now granted my 1st grade daughter is crazy tall for her age and towers over even the boys in her class, and my fiancee is, well, just a shorter woman. When you put the jeans side by side though, it was like a 'Whoa moment'.

Jeff Deminski photo

Again, doesn't matter, just thought it was a funny moment. Truth be told I've been asked my whole life what my 'type' is. I understand people have these. Blonds. Redheads. Legs. Breasts. Whatever. I never really had a 'type.' I came to the understanding of this as I looked at Aubree's jeans. If she were two inches shorter, or a foot taller, she'd still be my type. If her eyes were brown instead of blue or her hair were blond or black instead of auburn, or if she were fat instead of thin or sick instead of well, she'd be my type. So I guess I'm a liar. I do have a type. I'm an Aubree man.