A Quinnipiac poll just released shows 50% of New Jersey voters will now support a hike in the gas tax compared to 3 months ago when only 37% would approve. This is what happens when you repeat a lie long enough. People eventually believe it.

The Democrats would love us to blindly accept a gas tax hike with nothing in return. This would be a huge mistake for our future. The only way a gas tax hike should even be proposed let alone see the light of day is for a paradigm shift to occur in the way we pay for our road repairs. In the Reason Foundation's 20th Annual Highway Report it showed New Jersey pays $1.2 million per mile of road, far exceeding the national average. Even greatly outpacing our immediate neighbors in New York who paid less than $400,000 per mile.

In their 21st Annual Highway Report, New Jersey was paying $2 million per mile. Massachusetts, a northeast state with a lot of congestion, terrible winters, multi-lane highways just like New Jersey, only paid a little over half a million. Prevailing wage and sweetheart deals between politicians and unions has to be crushed and the funding of road repair has to be radically altered before we even think about accepting a hike in the gasoline tax, and very few are talking in any serious way about addressing that problem. Please stand up to your politicians and don't accept a gas tax with this ridiculous status quo.

You can read the full article about this here.