How many times has it happened to you? You’re out somewhere and you see a celebrity and the first thing you think of is not so much enjoy the moment, but how to take the situation further, and if not  that, then how do I prove to the world that this really happened?

Mike Coppola/Getty Images


You may stare for a while, perhaps they look over and nod. Maybe you’ll approach to ask if it’s really them then tell them how much you enjoy their work. In the age of the smartphone, it’s always good to Google the person so that you can sound more knowledgeable about them when you make said approach. Also since you have your smart phone, you may even get to take a picture with the person you’re intruding on.


But if the person you meet is comedian Louis CK, you will only get the conversation as he doesn’t like to take pictures.


So if you approach Louis, make sure you have your smart phone set to record. God forbid, no one will ever believe that you two actually spoke. Have you ever encountered a famous person? What did you do?