Forbes recently released a list of the top earning musicians in 2013. Some of the results may shock you.

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Some guys would be bothered if their wives make more than they do. It would make them feel less of a provider. Hopefully Jay Z doesn't feel that way. His wife Beyonce out-earned him once again. Grossing over 2 million dollars in every city she plays she earned $53 milliion in 2013.

Sir Elton John can't complain about 2013 having made $54 million. He also released a new album "Diving Board".

Taylor Swift made $55 million not only from touring and singing endlessly about breakups, but also from endorsement deals with Sony, Covergirl, and Diet Coke.

Justin Bieber. Remember when his career completely fell apart? Oh wait, that happens in 2014. But for 2013 he earned $58 million. I'm sorry, how does this punk earn more than Elton John again?

Bruce Springsteen's aggressive worldwide concert schedule earned him $62 million and he's said to be working on a new album that could be released in early 2014. Oh I'm sorry, did I accidentally leave the bold key lock on?

Coldplay made $64 million. I have nothing to say about that that can be printed.

Toby Keith, every bit as good as he once was, is country's top earner and brought in $65 million. I salute you with a red Solo cup sir!

Nice to see another New Jersey act on this list in Bon Jovi having made $79 milliion for the year 2013. Next tour should be Because We're Loaded.

Lady Gaga made $80 million. See Coldplay.

Who's number one? I was shocked by this. It's Madonna. $125 million in 2013. The bulk of the money comes from the tail end of her MDNA Tour but there's plenty coming in from her Material Girl clothing line and Truth or Dare fragrance as well.