The scene at New Jersey 101.5 is usually frantic before the start of Ask the Governor, our monthly interview show with Governor Chris Christie. Last night's show was no exception - as the team prepped for our broadcast just minutes before the show, Christie still had not shown up at the studio. Staff members paced anxiously and continued to set up the cameras that would record the show.

The action finally picked up at 6:50 PM, ten minutes before the show is scheduled to begin, as Christie and the limited number of staff members he always brings with him walked into the studio. (Christie usually cuts it this close; it's a busy job being state executive, and the governor's schedule is particularly jammed this week as he negotiates the state budget during the final days of the legislative session.)

Christie's security detail had entered the building well ahead of time to size up the situation. As he entered, they stared stoically across the room.

Christie was especially prickly last night, forgoing his usual 15-minute chat session and instead bee-lining for the broadcast booth. Christie usually spends a few minutes bantering with our show producers and call screeners before taking his seat across from show host Eric Scott in the NJ 101.5 broadcast booth, but this week, he was anxious to explain to our listeners some recent, high-profile goings on at the state house (all of them related to the budget discussions).

Check out the scene as it unfolded last night in the booth, behind the cameras, and in the studio in the frantic moments before the show began, below!