Once upon a time, as rock and roll was evolving on the FM dial, disc jockeys were able to choose their own music for their shows and some cared so much about that privilege that they actually went out to the local clubs and concerts to get to know the bands. One of  those djs who cared that much in Philadelphia was Ed Sciaky.

Many artists and bands passing through the area would spend the night on his couch. Sciaky was so loved by the artists that Bruce Springsteen used to weave him into the stories he would tell on stage at the Spectrum during the breaks of songs like "Grown Up."  It was Sciaky who put Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie together.

This week Sciaky was inducted as "Guardian Angel" of the Asbury Angels by  the Light of Day Foundation.

I had the pleasure of working with Ed for about 7 years and in the clip above I talk about the experience of working with him as well as a terrific story involving Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow and myself. RIP ED, you may be gone over ten years but you'll never be forgotten...

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