I worked on farms for a couple of summers in my teenage years and gained an appreciation for the dedication and hard work it takes to do it, especially in New Jersey.

Friday afternoon, after our broadcast at Zinna's Bistro in Cranbury, I was invited to a spinach farm nearby, by one of the owners named Robert.  He's an avid listener and wanted me to see how the operation works.

I love farmers, their work ethic, their view on life and their good nature.  I came to find out this farm in Central Jersey is one of the main producers of fresh spinach on the East Coast in the springtime.  It grows here, gets cut and shipped to Boston and Canada, then bagged and shipped and sent all over the country.  In winter this type of spinach is grown in Texas and in summer in the high elevations of Colorado, but in spring it's right here in Jersey.

So more than likely that spinach salad you enjoyed this weekend or sautéed spinach dish you had came from this farm in New Jersey! Check out some of the photos I took in the gallery above.

Thank you Rob!

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