The state of New Jersey constantly shoves the conveniences of getting an E-ZPass down our throats. The idea of being able to bypass long lines at toll plazas and not having to keep spare change in your cup holder sounds great. However, the technology, while easier for the driver, is still not perfected.

According to David P. Willis of the Asbury Park Press,

Spring Lake Heights resident Joyce Reynolds knows she paid the toll on the Garden State Parkway.

After all, she has an E-ZPass transponder on her windshield. And what’s more, her E-ZPass account statement says so.

So she was a bit perplexed over a violation notice she got in the mail. It said that on May 28 at 12:08:10 p.m., she didn’t pay the $1.50 toll at the Raritan South toll plaza in Sayreville. She was told to pay a total of $51.50, consisting of the $1.50 toll and a $50 administrative fee.

This is nothing new. Deminski & Doyle have taken countless phone calls from angry New Jersey drivers who have been hit with fines like this even though their E-ZPass account was charged. Have you ever been in this situation? Take our poll and share your story in the comment section below.