You heard Jim talking about the case of NJ animal activist Susan Kehoe, earlier today. (5/23)

Kehoe is an strong opponent of the NJ black bear hunts. She was cited earlier this year by a conservation officer for feeding bears near her home in Vernon, NJ. The state division of Fish and Wildlife contends that Kehoe was in violation of the state statute's that it is only legal to feed bears for the purpose of luring them into hunting areas.

Kehoe's lawyer is contending that it's ok to feed bears with the purpose of shooting them with a gun but it is illegal to feed bears with the intention to shoot them with a camera. Whether you are a hunter or not, or whether you agree with her or not, Kehoe may have a point here.

Why can only hunters feed bears? Is Kehoe a criminal just because she wanted to take pictures of the black bears?

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