Several schools offer a program in which instructors are brought in to educate children about drug and alcohol abuse, and how to resist these substances. 

The drug "Molly" (WFTS TV)

Dennis and Judi asked listeners to share their opinion on these education programs. Many parents are against this, because they believe it is only introducing the idea of drugs and alcohol to young children. Some callers shared their children were between the ages of 7 and 8 when this program was first introduced to them. Other callers argued that this program simply does not work - if a child wants to rebel at any point in their life, then they will.

Others do believe that this program is essential to have in schools, and that kids need to be educated on the dangers of substance abuse so that they aren't tempted to try drugs or alcohol for themselves. DARE even puts up statistics about its effectiveness among the youth, but is it realistic among the majority of teens?

Do you think educating children about drug abuse is necessary?