Ed Forcion, better known to NJ1015 listeners as NJ Weedman, will have his case heard by a NJ court soon for being caught in possession of marijuana.

Weedman who now lives in California, does have a medical marijuana card there but is not legally allowed to carry marijuana in the Garden State. In May, Weedman was on trial for possession and possession with intent to distribute. He was found guilty of possession and it was a hung jury, 7 -to-5 on the possession with intent to distribute charge.

Weedman's single defense tactic at this point is for a jury nullification. The jury can acquit you because they don't believe in the law that you are being charged with. Forchion, who is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana, believes that he is not wrong, rather, the law is wrong and that the jurors will agree with him.  It is an unusual decision for a court and while it is extremely rare, NJ has had it happen before. The trial of the Camden 28 in 1971 is one of two high-profile cases where the decision came down to a jury nullification.

You can listen to the audio of Jim's interview with NJ Weedman by clicking the audio player below:

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