Jim has spent many hours railing against the dreaded 'left lane dicks' driving in NJ. Looks like someone else is finally taking up the cause as well.


According to Kevin McArdle's report, Assemblyman Gilbert "Whip" Wilson has created a bill that would put some "teeth" into fining drivers who don't do the speed limit and refuse to stay to the right, impeding the flow of traffic.

The State Senate and General Assembly have passed a bill to dramatically increase the penalties.

It’s now up to Gov. Chris Christie to sign it into law.

“The bill would increase the fine from between $50 and $200 to between $100 and $300 for the fine,” says Assemblyman Gilbert “Whip” Wilson. “It would help with things like road rage and also it helps with traffic flow and also it may help cut down accidents too.”

So what do you think? Does NJ need harsher fines for "left lane Richards?" Take our poll below and let us know what you think.