Tuesday I posted an opinion piece about the extended bear hunt going on in New Jersey and how I felt it is necessary to control the bear population in the Garden State. I pointed out that many protesters feel bears are beautiful and even regal creatures and said they were not wrong, but that they were more than that. I pointed out that property damage, potentially dangerous bear encounters, and traffic incidents have climbed over the years. I also pointed out that protesters have every right to protest, every right to their opinion, but I feel they are wrong on this. Apparently they believe I have no right to my opinion. Here are some Facebook comments that came in.

Well, with bear migration, if nature took its course we'll have even more dangerous bear encounters, more property damage, and more traffic crashes. If that's what you want, ok.


LOL Uh, someone's confused. I have never once claimed to be a 'reporter'. I host a talk show. And this was an opinion piece, not a news article.

I would ask this person, do YOU live in a house? Then you're part of the 'problem', aren't you. And we should start a human hunt? Just...wow.

Okay, then tear your house down and leave the state since you're a squatter.

Implying it's people? Wow. Okay, you first.

Ah the love for your fellow man.

Wow. Just wow. By the way, the dead black bear count in New Jersey is currently over 300.

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