'Tis the season when the networks announce their fall season, it’s also when decisions are made on those current shows said to be “on the bubble” between cancellation and coming back next year.  One show, “Nashville” is hitting the road with a theatre tour hoping to drum up both fans and a renewal.

Raffi Alexander/ThinkStock

It’s a tremendous advantage when your shows stars can entertain as well. When “Rescue Me” was on Dennis Leary would tour with its cast who were mostly standup comics. Seeing Lenny Clarke, Adam Ferrara, Kenny Rogerson, and Tony Vee would be enough to make anyone watch their show.

Among the TV shows on the bubble this year are such staples as ‘The Mentalist”, “Law And Order SVU”,  and “Family Guy,” although Fox cancelled Family Guy back in 2002 and brought it back two years later due to tremendous DVD sales and the rerun exposure on Adult Swim.

As far as new shows that are hoping to return, “Trophy Wife”, “The Neighbors” and “Friends with Better Lives” Which “bubble” shows are you rooting for?