The Bridgegate trial had its ribbon cutting ceremony Monday. Opening arguments. Day 1.

Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni are up on federal charges that had David Wildstein pleading guilty and cooperating with prosecutors. The standard playbook says discredit, discredit, discredit. That's exactly what Baroni's defense lawyer Michael Baldassare went right to in colorful opening arguments, calling Wildstein a miserable prick and an asshole. I kid you not. Those were his words. Nothing like the decorum of a courtroom, eh?

The interesting thing about this case is no matter which side you believe, the defense or the prosecution, Governor Christie was in this thing up to his neck. A headline on reads Lawyers on both side of Bridgegate trial paint Christie as central figure. Baldassare drove that point home in saying, "When David Wildstein spoke, Governor Christie's voice came out and everybody knew it." He says Wildstein looks like a ventriloquist doll sitting on Christie's lap. Furthermore it was promised David Wildstein will be testifying in this circus that Chris Christie knew all about these lane closures. Is that still hard to believe for anyone? The man Christie is supporting for president even says he knew all about it.

If the prosecutors win, Christie loses. If the defense wins, Christie loses. Way to go Chris! You took what could have been a brilliant political career and you threw it all away, doomed by your own arrogance. Even Christie himself recently said Bridgegate was a factor in why he wasn't offered the vice-presidency. That's as close to contrite as you'll ever find Governor Icarus, er, Christie.

A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows New Jersey's governor now sits at 23% favorability. Down another 7 points from where it was last spring. And likely to get even worse as the Bridgegate trial plays out. Stay tuned.

-Jeff Deminski

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