You may think that past-date food products are dangerous.  That's not entirely true.


The Food and Drug Administration says that consuming foods past the "best by" date is usually OK.  Don't confuse the "best by" date with expiration dates.  Foods that are past their expiration date could be dangerous, containing bacteria, or a the very least funky.

Here are some shelf life suggestions for some common kitchen products.

Ketchup has some staying power.  After opening the bottle it's good for about six months in the fridge.

Eggs stay good for three to five weeks.  You should not store them in the refrigerator door.  They'll stay colder if they're on the fridge shelf.

Milk is fine for a week past its sell date.

Mayo you don't have to chuck out until two months past the expiration date.

Peanut butter stays safe in your pantry for three months.  To be on the safe side store it in the refrigerator.

Just plain butter stays fresh for about two weeks past its expiration date.  If you freeze butter, it will last for nine months.

For packaged lunch meats, seven to ten days is the rule of thumb past the "best by" date.  Fresh meats, unfrozen, will be OK for about five days.

Common sense the best way to tell if food is good for consumption.  If it looks, smells, or tastes odd, throw it out.

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