My wife is expecting in early October and had a baby shower on Sunday. Now of course being, a guy I've never attended a baby shower, but legend has it that many weird games and activities go on. One of the things that happened at my wife's shower was all the ladies were handed plain white 'onesies' and a bunch of markers and were told to decorate them however they wanted.

So I took pictures of some of them. Check them out and be sure to read the captions.

This is what my mother made. Can anybody explain what a Momy is? This will no doubt go down in Deminski family lore. I may just have to start calling my mother 'Momy' for the rest of her life. And what are these crazy mutant animals? We're pretty sure the one is a whale although it looks like a radiated mutant one-eyed fish. The other is anyone's guess. A turtle? A snail? A horrible virus?

Being a Springsteen fan of course I loved this one! All Jersey, all the time baby!

Apparently a NJ 101.5 listener was among the ladies.

Here's one from someone who must be afraid we're going to feed him only Cool Ranch Doritos and ice cream.

All I can say about this one is one of my wife's friends clearly knows her very well because she does indeed rock.

This is the back of the 'onesie'. The red baseball stitching goes all the way around the front. It's one of my favorites.

Apparently Wendell Steinhauer from NJEA sneaked into the room.

I had no idea my aunt was such a good artist with this dead on Snoopy.

This is probably my favorite of all. You see, my son's name will be Atticus from the character in my wife's favorite book, To Kill A Mockingbird. She's a language arts teacher after all, and this 'onesie' summed it all up.