I was going through my old records (singles), in search of a particular one for a photo...when I came across the first 45 that I bought with my own money!

I remember it well...I literally saved all my pennies for a long time!

Then, my mom took me to the "Great Eastern" on Route 22 in North Plainfield (remember it?)...

77 pennies...plus 2 for the tax. (Craig Allen photo).

...where I counted out all those pennies, one at a time...77 cents, plus tax.

As you can see, my "Archies" 45rpm is "well-traveled."

Recreating my past...with the real record, on the real turntable. (Craig Allen photo).

It got lots of "spins" on my "record player," and on the family stereo...with the nickel on the tone arm.

"Jingle Jangle" was my first...what was the first "record" (or cassette single or compact disc) that you bought, with your own money?

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And, while it was my first record purchase...I now wonder how it ended up being labeled record #6 in my blue 45 record case.

"Jingle Jangle" and my first 45rpm record case. (Craig Allen photo).

I believe that the record case as a gift...and I would guess that I just gave my first few records their "access" numbers, randomly.

Hey, I was a just a kid.

Besides, the "Archies" and "Scooby Doo" were on TV...I was busy!

"The Archies" in a less-scratchy, "groovy" medium! (Craig Allen photo).