"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."--author unknown.I came across this quote the other day.

I pass it along to you in hopes that, with a smile, you will pass it along...in a pop culture reference: I am hoping that you will "Pay it forward."

I clipped this out of the paper a few years ago...cool "factoid!" Did you know? (Craig Allen photo).

In reality, it takes very little effort to smile...and that smile can be infectious!

In addition to your "live" smile that you are "paying forward," we are surrounded with "smiley faces'....

Smiley faces pop up in creative ways... (Craig Allen photo).

...on signs, on bags...

PLEASE "Have A Nice Day!" (Craig Allen photo).

...on products on grocery store shelves, on coffee mugs...

This smiley face mug isn't just for coffee...for now. (Craig Allen photo).

...maybe there are so many "smileys" that you don't really see them...

It's true! I'm HAPPY! How are you feeling right now? (Craig Allen photo).

I was sitting in a business office the other day, and noticed this "mood cube" on the desk.

The smile on the yellow cube caught my attention first...and then I read the "Today I am happy" message. Its always better to do business with someone who is in a good mood!

With a smile, I picked up the cube, and turned it...and then I saw:

Oh, no! Not "ANGRY!" (Craig Allen photo).


Someone needs to help turn this person's day around! (Craig Allen photo).


SMILE! "Pay it forward" NOW! End the sadness! (Craig Allen photo).

I prefer the first side...the happy side.


Pass it on.

I just did!