It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 30 years since Corey Hart released his smash "Sunglasses at Night." Flash forward to 2013 and Corey has remixed his classic and made it a modern day hit.


In an interview about the origins of "Sunglasses at Night," Hart said

"In the early Spring of '83, I was a starry-eyed 19 year old kid from Montreal recording in a studio near Manchester, England. By late May, approaching my 20th Birthday, I finally held in my hands a cassette which contained the finished recordings of eleven original songs that would comprise my First Offense album debut.

However, there was one more song to come. Track twelve, 'Sunglasses At Night.' It was not yet written but the idea had already begun a subterranean journey through my creative subconscious. It rained almost every day I was in the UK for those sessions. I had a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses with me but I never had the chance to use them.

Later that summer my album was delivered to Aquarius-Capitol Records. Everyone seemed very pleased with the results. I was kinda like a writing magnet in those days so the song ideas kept flowing even though we were done with the recording. I started messing around with a melodic line and phrase called 'My Cigarette Got Wet.' It is an ironic lyric because I have never smoked in my life. It was the nascent embryo of 'Sunglasses' although I didn't realize it. I actually recorded a demo for 'Wet' which had many musical elements of 'Sunglasses' but I wasn't really sold on the song.

One night I went back to the 'Wet' demo and sang out the lines 'I Wear My Sunglasses At Night' over the melody. Wow. Just like that the song was born. It now spirited a cooler cadence from the new lyric that was missing before, plus I changed a few chord progressions. I wanted to add it to my album on the spot. Impossible, I thought, we'd already spent the full recording budget. But I will call the label first thing in the morning anyway and plead my case.

The rest was history.

After much success, Corey Hart said he had to leave the music biz to raise his four children.

But now with the help of Papercha$er, a group of musicians and producers who have directed the likes of Rihanna, Corey Hart is back with "Night Visions (Sunglasses)."

To be clear, this is not a remake of his 80s staple. You definitely hear "Sunglasses at Night," but it really is a great example of what the song would sound like if it was produced and performed current day.

The video features a beautiful woman sporting the sunglasses and playing guitar. That is Hart's daughter Dante, or as he refers to her as "Miss Dante."

Enjoy 2013 Corey Hart and "Night Visions (Sunglasses)."