While they're still considered fairly new by country music standards, the Zac Brown Band has been rolling out hit after hit. Each new single by the Grammy-winning-band keeps their already large fan base growing.

If you haven't really listened to the Zac Brown Band, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with them. ZBTB, the premier Zac Brown Tribute band will be performing live during the Grapes & Grain Festival in Long Branch!

Whether you're a huge fan or just getting to know them, we've put together the top Zac Brown Band videos for you to watch, enjoy and get you ready for the Grapes & Grain Festival!

  • 10

    'Goodbye in Her Eyes'

  • 9

    'Keep Me in Mind'

  • 8

    'As She's Walking Away'

  • 7

    'Jump Right In'

  • 6

    'Whatever it Is'

  • 5


  • 4

    'Highway 20 Ride'

  • 3

    'Knee Deep'

  • 2

    'Colder Weather'

  • 1

    'Chicken Fried'