This reads like a bad joke without a punchline. A 49 year old guy from Middletown is in the passenger seat when his friend driving gets pulled over and arrested. So one of the cops decides to be a nice guy and offer the passenger, who was caught in the middle of a bad situation, a lift home. The officer drives the man to his house and as he gets out of the squad car the man accidentally drops something. It was heroin.

The cop attempts to arrest the man, who resists, attempts to swallow the remaining bags of heroin, even tries throwing some of them onto his neighbor's lawn, according to police. Everything was retrieved by the officer and the man's day ended being arrested himself for possession of heroin, resisting arrest and obstruction. If you knew you had heroin on you, would you accept a ride from a police officer? Or would you just say no thanks and get out of there on foot as quickly as you could?

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