Confederate flags prominently displayed on items of clothing have caused some problems in the past for certain students who’ve chosen to wear apparel so designed.

The reason was always to demonstrate their pride in either being from the South, or having roots in the South – never to incite or cause harm.

But that’s what’s being alleged here, although in this case, it has nothing to do with clothing, but an actual flag with the word “redneck” prominently displayed across a design of the Confederate stars and bars.

The truck was parked in the lot of the Steinhert High School in Hamilton Township, and immediately caught the attention of the vice principal, who told pickup truck owner - 17 year old Gregory Vied – that some (not saying who) complaints came in, and that he had to remove the flag or be suspended.

Vied was then suspended for not removing the flag, at which point the ACLU enters.

According to this from News 12:

Vied says. …."Them trying to make me take it down, is unconstitutional," 
The American Civil Liberties Union says the student's right to freedom of expression cannot be taken away, even if other students or teachers complain.

ACLU Legal Director Ed Barocas said, "As the U.S. Supreme Court has made clear, students' rights don't end at the school house gates," says. "It also doesn't end in the school parking lot."
Vied says he's looking out for others who choose to express themselves. "I just want him not to do this to anybody else. Because you can't just trample on somebody's first amendment rights, or any of their rights."

Vied's three-day suspension was cut to one day the same day the ACLU sent its letter to the principal.

A number of members of the Rossi Posse believe, as do I, that Vied did absolutely nothing wrong – in that his intent is to show pride in his Southern roots.

Others, obviously, had different interpretations – seeing the flag as divisive and perhaps racially insensitive.

Two hours worth of debate, and all that pretty much came out of it is the understanding that we all choose to see what we want when viewing the Confederate flag. Or any controversial symbol for that matter.

It's all in the intent of the person doing the displaying.

Do you view the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride or as a hate symbol? And just as an aside, if you do view the flag as a hate symbol, then what of rock and country groups that proudly display the flag on album covers and the like?

Just sayin’