We played the audio on the air the other day, but in fairness I thought you'd like to see the whole package. Days ago, Governor Christie released his first TV ad in his re-election campaign. You can argue all the facts you want, but this is a strong ad. Take a look at Christie's first ad below.

Then take a look at Barbara Buono's first ad from a few months back. What does it say when your initial shot across the bow is almost entirely explaining how to just pronounce your name? Watch her ad below.

Is there any doubt why Governor Christie is 20 points ahead in the polls? Then there's the matter of a blown opportunity regarding sample ballots. Since 1972, on the backs of sample ballots is a space where a candidate can, for free, give a profile of themselves up to 500 words. Her campaign missed the August, 19th deadline. Her space will be blank. It is the only time in recent memory that a candidate has failed to submit a free way to deliver a message about themselves to voters. For a campaign facing an uphill battle and a candidate with such poor name recognition her first ad was spent explaining how to pronounce it, this was a blunder.