John Pinette, one of the funniest comedians on the scene, died of natural causes on Saturday night. He was 50 years old. John Pinette was born in BostonMassachusetts. He started his career in accounting, but took his friends' advice, and changed careers to comedy.

He got his break when he was asked to tour with Frank Sinatra. Pinette was a regular guest on The Tonight Show and The View. You might remember Pinette as the carjacking victim in the final episode of Seinfeld.

He was always making fun of his weight on stage in specials such as Show Me the Buffet, I'm Starvin'! and Still Hungry. His agent, Nick Nuciforo, says Pinette was working on another stand-up project when he died, and that: "He should be celebrated for the amazing comedian he was."

You should celebrate him too with this clip from “I’m Starvin”