Believe it or not, U.S. cities are starting to ban sledding. Dubuque, Iowa is one of the latest. 48 out of their 50 parks have banned sledding out of fear of liability. Yes, they are afraid of being sued if someone gets hurt. So up go the signs.

Is their fear ridiculous? It should be, but it's not. In Omaha, the city lost in court to the family of a 5 year old who hit a tree and was paralyzed. They won $2 million. In Sioux City, Iowa a grown man went sledding, hit a sign, injured his spinal cord, sued, and won $2.75 million from the city. Those towns have now banned sledding. Is it only a matter a time before the nanny state of New Jersey does the same? Read more about the death of an American rite of passage here.