Just like Ralphie's family does in the classic movie "A Christmas Story," its time to haggle for a Christmas tree, then lash it to the car roof, and bring it home!

Wrapped trees. Just lash to your roof, and take home! (Craig Allen photo)

Thanksgiving weekend has become the traditional start of the Christmas tree-buying  season. There's a guy near me (above) who has been selling trees in this high-traffic location...forever. Or so it seems. He's been here for probably 20 years. And, he does a brisk business. Til now...

This year, all of a sudden, he's got competition...right up the street!

Competition! (Craig Allen photo)

And, each tree-seller can see the other! They're that close!

It'll be interesting to see how this turns out!

And...two more Christmas tree stands should open near me within the next week or so...they're always here...year after year. I guess they're just a little behind schedule...maybe they didn't get the memo!

Wait...it just occurred to me that I haven't seen a single "Holiday Tree" sign anywhere...but, its........early.