The nighttime breeze wafting along the boardwalk with handlers in tow and (low fat) ice cream cone in hand, Governor Chris Christie promises that’s the only portrait you’ll probably see of him taking a stroll on the Seaside Boardwalk this summer.

He proudly proclaimed: “I'll try not to get into any fights' on Seaside boardwalk this summer!”
Interesting choice of word there: “try”.

Not, will not! But “try not!”

At the time that infamous incident happened where a heckler incensed the Governor back in the summer of 2012 I thought may have made him look small; but certainly the kind of guy who wasn’t going to take any crap from anybody.

In fact somewhat refreshing – and definitely “Jersey!”

So again we come down to whether or not should he make a bid at the White House; is this the kind of demeanor we want from the guy who would lead the country?

Gov. Chris Christie today said you'll see a lot of him this summer at the Jersey Shore — but don't expect to catch him yelling on the boardwalk.

In 2012, a video of the governor arguing with a visitor at the Seaside Heights boardwalk went viral. The clip showed Christie — famous for his brash interactions with critics — shouting while holding an ice cream cone.

The man apparently made a remark about the Republican governor's education policies.

"You're a real big shot shooting your mouth off," Christie told him.

"Nah, just take care of the teachers," the man responded.

Christie returned to Seaside Heights this afternoon to survey the effort to rebuild the boardwalk after last September's massive fire and to encourage tourists to visit the Jersey Shore now that summer is nearing. He said he and his family plan to spend a lot of time here in the coming months.

That's when he made a winking nod to that notorious video.

"I tend to have people following me when I come down here," Christie said. "Some that I want following me, and some that I don't. So, we'll get plenty of attention down here."

"I'll try not to get into any fights on the boardwalk or anything," he joked. "I'll try to keep it to a minimum."

It would probably help if he kept them not to a minimum; but not at all.

However, Russian President Putin or any other intransigent world leader would know where they stood with him.

So while most of us got a kick out of the guy who took on a heckler and gave as good as he got – I still don’t think that’s what we want in a President.

Do you agree?

Does the Governor’s blunt demeanor turn you off?