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1) The bungalow where 'Born to Run' was written is for sale in Long Branch. Would you buy it, and which rock legend from Jersey’s house would you buy, if you could?

2) Do you feel it’s ridiculous to go to a store just because it has a celebrity’s name on it. The 'Cake Boss' opened a second Carlo's Bakery in Ridgewood. Also where’s the best bakery in New Jersey? My vote is Del Ponte’s in Bradley Beach!

3) Senator Menendez –Should he step aside while he’s being investigated for ethics violations?

4) Do you feel anti-bullying laws really work and that the best thing would be to end the zero tolerance policies against kids who are bullied and have someone in the school teach them how to defend themselves. A couple of parents say that schools did little to stop the bullying of their child…so they’re suing!

5) The Indonesian Immigrants who lived in a Highland Park Church got a deportation reprieve. Your thoughts.

6) Fear not about embarrassing yourself if you have to let one go on a long flight….a new report says that you don’t have to hold back farts while you’re on a plane. When was the most embarrassing time you let one go?

7) There’s a study that says New Jersey’s roads and bridges are not as bad as assumed. Baloney! Do you buy the study, and which ones are the worst to drive on? And should we increase the gas tax to get them fixed?

8) Who are the biggest maniac drivers on the road. Some say commuter bus drivers? The dashboard video shows the bus interior at time of Old Bridge crash involving a school bus and an Academy Bus in the Bus lane.

9) Which, do you feel, is the best way to get fit for the summer TRX, Insanity, O15 which Steve does, P90X…..or the new one which as sprung up at the shore? Pure Barre!

10) Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for tickets to the Sarcasm Comedy Club in Cherry Hill.

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