So, Carlo’s Bakery, the celebrated bakery from Hoboken, will be opening a second location in tony Ridgewood, Bergen County.

I would’ve expected there to be a second Carlo’s.

In fact, I’d expect to see a third, a fourth, a fifth, etc.

Reason for that? Because it’s his and has his name on it.

But do places like this really live up to expectations?

When my daughter lived in Hoboken, the original location, she used to tell me of how there was a pastry shop around the corner from her apartment that reminded her of a place in our old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Sure enough, one day we all passed the place.

It turned out to be Carlo’s.

As I peered inside, the place looked like no one had changed anything since 1956.
Well, I thought, at least it’s original.

So one day, she decides to surprise me by buying me a few of my favorite Neapolitan pastries: some sfogliatelle.

One bite and I knew.

Carlo, Buddy, whoever, couldn’t give a hoot about the thing that got them to the dance (pastry); opting for the fondant cakes that looked like the World Trade Center!

Same with other places that carry the names of celebrities.

My mom had gone to a show on Broadway and stopped into Lidia’s place in the theatre district and gave me her review.

So so. (Although I hear her place in the Flatiron district, Eataly, is the bomb!)

But anyway, according to this:

Carlo's Bakery opened its second location Sunday in Wilsey Square.

The opening was originally scheduled for Saturday, but was postponed due to the weather, according to the bakery's Facebook page.

Owner Buddy Valastro of TLC's "Cake Boss" said the Ridgewood bakery would serve as a model for other Carlo's locations. At 3,000 square feet, it's roomier than the original Hoboken location, and should draw commuters waiting at the nearby New Jersey Transit train station.

Despite Valastro's wish to make the Ridgewood location less touristy than the original, fans stood in long lines for the opening Sunday, Ridgewood Patch reported.

Naturally they stood in line. Just like my daughter stood in line 2 hours for dried out sfogliatelle.

At least she meant well.