A large sinkhole that opened up on the Garden State Parkway's Driscoll Bridge at the start of Thursday's morning commute and wasn't filled until the afternoon commute is being blamed on a drain pipe.

Sinkhole on the Driscoll Bridge of the Garden State Parkway (WCBS TV)

New Jersey Turnpike spokesman Tom Feeney told the Star-Ledger a 15-inch drain pipe under the roadway pulled apart.  "Then the earth filled the void where the pipe separated and it weakened the road surface above it," he explained.

The 10-foot wide, 6-foot long sinkhole opened up in the right lane on the southbound side around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. Two lanes were blocked for much of the day as crews worked to fill the hole and determine the cause.

All lanes were reopened just before 5 p.m. but not before traffic stretched back to Clark.

Work crews will make a more permanent repair soon meaning more lane closures at night or on the weekend.

WNBC TV reports 18 cars were damaged on Thursday morning when they drove through the sinkhole before it had been reported.

Those whose vehicles were damaged can file a claim with the Department of Treasury's risk management division according to the Star Ledger.