Bruce is "The Boss." And, it was a thrill to spend almost 4 hours with the Boss, along with thousands of other New Jersey, homestate fans!


Arriving at MetLife Stadium! (Craig Allen photo)

 As you approach the stadium, you can FEEL the excitement, the electricity in the air!

Tailgating with thousands of fellow Bruce fans outside the stadium! (Craig Allen photo)

 And, hear Bruce songs pour out of car speakers far and wide!

I can't wait!

After tailgating, its time to head in for the show!

Heading into the stadium, ticket in hand. (Craig Allen photo)

I'm on the 200 level, straight across from the stage...

My view. (Craig Allen photo)

Its a clear and cool, very pleasant night for a concert!  Bruce and the E Street Band hit the stage at 8:30pm!

Bruce quickly had us swinging and swaying to the songs from the "Wrecking Ball" album, especially "Wrecking Ball" and "We Take Care Of Our Own."

The BOSS on the BIG SCREEN. (Craig Allen photo)

Bruce had us on our feet! Singing to the classics, including: Hungry Heart, Born To Run, Spirit In The Night, Badlands, Rosalita, The Promised Land, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, Thunder Road, Prove It All Night, Dancing In The Dark, and MORE! Sorry, I'm missing a few "classics," but I wasn't taking notes...

(Craig Allen photo)

At times, when Bruce was talking to us between songs, he seemed to take on the part of the old-fashioned fire and brimstone preacher...

"Reverend Bruce," speaking of his "ghosts." (Craig Allen photo)

...preaching to us, his flock, in the holy church of Jersey Rock 'n' Roll!


The Church of Bruce...(Craig Allen photo)

Bruce shared a "summer ritual" that he had with his parents and grandparents. In his childhood, they would all go to the local ice cream had those "yellow lights" that "10,000 moths were attracted to."

The Boss admitted that he didn't really like ice cream. He liked the cones. And, the owner would save broken cone pieces for the young Springsteen!

On the way home, Bruce would see the tall radio tower. He says that his mother called the tower "a giant." And she said that the red tower lights were "the buttons on his coat."

A true "radio geek" like me appreciates a story like that...

(Craig Allen photo)

About half way through the show (and its a SHOW!), the woman next to me said: "What GREAT music!" I'm assuming that this was her first live Bruce experience...that she was among the un-initiated! I didn't embarass her by asking.

(Craig Allen photo)

Bruce in the crowds...Bruce bringing a young girl up on stage to sing with him...Bruce being body-passed through the fans (thats TRUST!)..."Dancing In The Dark" with concert-goers, on stage...a long (cheer-filled) photo montage of "The Big Man" during Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out! These are just a few other nightlights from a special night in the Meadowlands!

"The Boss." (Craig Allen photo)

The "Wrecking Ball" concert started appropriately with a total-Jersey nod: playing "Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra...seguing into Bruce! The night ended (at 12:15am) with "Twist And Shout!" It was a rockin' version as only Bruce and the E Street Band can deliver!

Show-ending fireworks! (Craig Allen photo)

Oh yeah...and a fireworks display!

(Craig Allen photo)

A Bruce Springsteen concert=Great music (new and classics)

A Bruce Springsteen concert=TOTAL Showmanship

A Bruce Springsteen concert=A "Wall Of Sound."

A Bruce Springsteen concert IN NEW JERSEY=An night you'll never forget!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bruce! You ROCK...but you already know that!