With Bruce Springsteen's autobiography set to release this week (Sept. 27) it's no surprise that he's making the rounds to promote his new book. On Friday Bruce gave a long interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he talked about everything from growing up with mental health issues, to a funny glimpse into what he expects from his band mates.

However the part of the interview that was surprising was when Colbert coerced Bruce to pick his Top 5 Springsteen songs. In true Bruce fashion he didn't back down from the challenge.

With a little help at the end from the audience The Boss narrowed it down to six: “Born To Run,” “Thunder Road,” “Nebraska,” “The Rising,” “Jungleland,” and “Racing in the Street.” Hey six out of over 300 songs isn't bad, but it got me thinking if I had to choose what would be my list? Well, here it is...

5. New York City Serenade

4. Born to Run

3. Bobby Jean

2. Jungleland

My #1 all time favorite Bruce song: Thunder Road

What's your top 5 Bruce Springsteen songs? Leave yours in the comments below.