We’ve discussed both at night on New Jersey 101.5 and here the idea of putting cameras in the classrooms. I think it would make things so much easier from a discipline perspective. It would be a bullying deterrent for both student and teacher, and teachers can even go back and critique their work as a means to improve their performance.


It turns out, the British have taken this idea one step further by putting cameras in the bathrooms and lockers!

At King Ecbert School in Shefield, video cameras are inside all twelve bathrooms, according to principal Lesley Bowes to keep the students safe. “The cameras are nowhere near the toilet cubicles but strategically placed in the doorways and directed at  the washbasins to identify any students if there are any incidents there. “The images are not looked at unless there has been a reported problem and all images are deleted after 30 days.”

A total of 207 high schools across England, Wales and Scotland acknowledge installing cameras in bathrooms and changing rooms according to Big Brother Watch.

Overall Big Brother watch estimated that Brittish high school staff are monitored by more than 100,000 cameras, with 90 per cent of the schools surveyed acknowledging the use of some form of video survellience