The baseball season is barely a day old and our very own Traffic Reporter Bob Williams is starting the 2016 season just where he left off in 2015, by paying off bets.

Today, Bob had to bring in cupcakes in the colors and logo of the Kansas City Royals, who defeated the Mets in their home opener, 4-2.

Bob had bet Chasing News' Allison Gormly, who is a Kansas City Royals fan, that the Mets would pull off the opening night winner. Allison had collected her winnings for the second time in 6 months from Bob, as these two had placed a similar bet on the 2015 World Series as well.

Bob may be waving the white flag though, as he conceded during my show today that he may have learned his lesson and will stop the wagering moving forward.

We even went as far as to create a poll to see what our listeners think about Bob making more sports bets moving forward.

Watch the segment we had on the show in the YouTube clip below.


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