It is rare in the politically correct world of network television that an anchor or reporter would chastise a presidential candidate and let alone a candidate of color.  That's exactly what Bob Schieffer the partially senile, openly liberal and terminally crotchety hack on CBS did to Herman Cain on his Sunday morning show this past weekend.   He launched into a personal scolding of Mr. Cain about an internet tv ad that featured Cain's campaign manager talking up Hermans' candidacy while smoking.  Heavens no!  The man was smoking?!

So Schieffer decides to dress down Herman Cain like a principal who caught a seventh grader smoking in the boys room.  Needless to say he would NEVER speak that way to candidate Obama or any other person of color, even a foul mouthed, violent lyric rapper.  So why can he talk to a distinguished businessman and serious presidential candidate this way.  Because he is a conservative and the main stream media is liberal?   No, that's not quite enough of an offense.  Because he is a BLACK conservative.  It goes against everything these phony, closet racist, elitist, cowards want to believe about conservatives.  It negates their narrative about conservatism.  It short circuits their brains.  It makes them nuts.   There is still racism in this country and you can practice it openly and overtly if YOU are a liberal and your target is a black conservative.  If you don't believe me just ask Clarence Thomas, one of the most courageous Americans of our lifetime.  Oh yeah, they tried the "sexual harassment" charge against him too, just like they are now trying with Mr. Cain.  Hopefully the outcome will be the same and Mr. Cain will prevail.

Herman Cain exemplifies exactly what the American dream is to ALL of us, but especially to black Americans.   Some in the media and politics don't want you to see that, because it serves their purpose to keep the status quo.  If he were to beat the odds and become our next president, it would make the liberal elite media in this country suicidal and it would make this constitutional conservative happier than Bob Schieffer after an adult diaper change.
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