In an interview earlier today with Good Morning America, Ginger White was talking about her affair with Herman Cain and said that while she's not proud of the inappropriate affair, she was single at the time and he was married.  I interpret that as her saying that he was even more in the wrong because he was married and she wasn't.  Does it make her any less culpable? I don't think so.  Would you want to be that spouse at home whose significant other was cheating on you? No, you wouldn't, so don't act selfishly and come between another couple's marriage.  I don't care how much that person tells you they are not happy in their relationship and promises they will leave them for you.  Let them leave them first and then you two can talk.

Plus, in addition to coming between someone's marriage, what are you honestly getting out of that relationship? They're most likely going home to cuddle with someone else, you may not see them on the holidays, and at the end of the day, you're always playing runner up.  Maybe some people ultimately don't want a commitment and this is a guarantee they can just have their fun and nothing more, but again, there are plenty of other singles out there.  Relationships have enough drama, don't add some more.