A scan of top news headlines over the last few weeks reveals a very disturbing trend.

News can tend to take on a negative theme, at times, espcially when you hear about the alleged killing of a 2 year old girl by her own father.

Recently, however, there has been an alarming and inordinate amount of sex scandals that have dominated national and New Jersey news.

There are times when particular types of stories seem to happen in bunches, and this wave was set off by the disturbing child molestation allegations that came out of Penn State about former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Almost immediately, similar accusations were made about long-time Syracuse basketball assistant Bernie Fine.  That has led to Fine's dismissal, an investigation into matters, and a change in demeanor from head coach Jim Boeheim.

After weeks of women coming out with tales of sexual misconduct by married presidential candidate, Herman Cain, he decided to suspend a run at the White House to focus on these personal matters.

That announcement came on the heels in New Jersey of a shocking revelation that Major General Glenn Rieth, a longtime friend of Governor Christie and head of the state National Guard, would be resigning his post after being reportedly caught having inappropriate with physical contact with a female co-worker. 

Rieth's scandal ends an over 30 year career serving the country and the state.

And just when you thought this trend would slow, reports surfaced that Medford Mayor, Chris Meyers, stepped down from his post after a male prostitute posted on a website that he a sexual encounter with Meyers.  The man came forward after claiming that the former mayor had not come through with promised gifts.  Meyers, a married father of two, has also been suspended from an executive job at Lockheed Martin.

Some of these men will face trial, some will face the court of public opinion, and will be forced to face family and friends in trying to clear their names. 

More on these stories will come out over the next several months.  You can only hope that much of it is not true, and that this trend of sex scandals comes to a rapid end.