Sesame Street has been on television for many years, and is a favorite show of people from different generations. Recently, the show has undergone some changes, and the Sesame Street that we grew up with is different from what kids are watching today.


Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Big Bird, one of the most loved characters on Sesame Street, has recently revealed in a fake interview that he is transgendered, and is not actually a male, but a female; she will now be a female character for the remainder of the series, and is encouraging children to be loving and supportive towards everyone.

Big Bird's coming out episode has been received positively. Sesame Street's producers do not expect viewers to accept Big Bird as a female immediately, and realize that it will take time for people to adjust to her new life.

Big Bird is not the first character to undergo a change on Sesame Street. A few years ago, Cookie Monster started to control his love of sweets in exchange for a healthier lifestyle, and Oscar the Grouch has become nicer, and is dealing with the problems of being homeless.

Even though it was written in jest, what is your reaction to this? Does this bother you, or do you think it is good for kids to learn this? Comment below with your opinion.