I'm leasing a car right now for only two years. I have 15,000 miles allotted per year, which means at the end I should have only put 30,000 miles on her. Before this I always owned my cars and drove them into the ground. I always got a small rush out of seeing the odometer roll over to 100,000 miles. It occurred to me yesterday on the way to work and noticed my rollover to an even 8,000 was about to happen that I'd never have that small rush with my current car. So I celebrated what I could. Now, I know it's not 10,000 miles, which would be way cooler and in another 2,000 I will try to snap a picture. But I don't know that I'll catch the moment 2,000 miles from now. And why exactly is 10,000 miles cooler than 8,000 miles? Or 100,000 miles cooler than 10,000 miles? I have no idea. I just know it is.

Am I a complete freak that I remember exactly where I was driving when my old pick up truck hit 100,000 miles? It was on a 195 overpass. Or when my Ford Explorer hit the same? I never actually took a picture of those moments. With my pick up truck cell phones weren't a big thing yet. With my Explorer it just wasn't convenient by the time I realized it was about to happen. I hear some people do though, and will save those photos as an homage to the cars they've grown attached to. So it's only 8,000 miles, but with 18 months left on my lease, it's all I've got.

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