Call it: "The Beatles with a Twist" (And Shout!)...on this 50th Anniversary of the "Fab Four's" arrival in "the states!"

I was thumbing through a friend's albums the other day, and couldn't believe my eyes and ears!

As a really small kid, I remember the (original) Chipmunks, and even had an album or two of theirs among my Sesame Street and other "kiddie" albums...that I played on the family stereo...endlessly.

"Chipmunks" albums played here! (Craig Allen photo)

But, I had never seen or heard this one!

Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and their human pal David Seville obviously couldn't let the Beatles craze pass them by! Here's more....on a "Beatles Weekend!"

(The original) Alvin & The Chipmunks was an animated music group, created by Ross Bagdasarian (Sr.) for a novelty record in 1958.  Alvin, Simon, and Theodore were named after executives with the original record label. David Seville was the "stage name" for Bagdasarian, in "real" life.

The chipmunks voices were done by "David Seville," who then sped up the recorded tracks, to create the character's high-pitched voices.

This process was not a new idea: Bagdasarian had used the process on the hit records: "The Witch Doctor," and on one of Jersey's Holiday Hits and Christmas Classics "The Chipmunk Song."

Not only did the chipmunk characters lead to novelty records and albums, but comic books, and "The Alvin Show" cartoon series in 1961. Produced in color (a rarity in the early television years), it lived on for years in syndication.

And, of course, TV stars sell toys...

..and cereal to kids...and kids at heart!

Ross Bagdasarian continued to voice the chipmunks, til his death in 1972. Since then, his son Ross Jr, has been the voice.

Since the 1980's, there have been several new cartoon series, and several short films based on the chipmunks. On the business side, there have been ownership lawsuits, too!

Since 2007, there has been a live-action Chipmunks movie...and 2 "squeakquals."

Voiced by non-Bagdasarians....

Simon, Alvin and Theodore...and their adoptive father, David Seville live on for a new generation...

...but how can you "top" the "boys" singing the "mop-top's" the 1960's?!

Happy "50th" to the original "Mop Tops from Liverpool" my own, unique way!

I wore out the vinyl as a kid...can't believe I found it on CD! (Craig Allen photo)