There is a low pressure system that will move over the central Appalachian Mountains, and head towards the mid-Atlantic coast.

This storm will bring some rain and snow to our area. The exact track of the storm is still uncertain, meaning it will be hard to determine where the rain/snow line will fall.

As of right now, it is predicted that New Jersey will mainly be getting rain from the storm.  If there are any accumulations of snow, it would be in the range of 1 to 3 inches, possibly up to 6 inches in some areas. It is still too early to pinpoint the exact snowfall total because a slight shift in the track of the storm can either give us all rain or significant snow accumulations.

What Models are Saying

Last week's models had the storm tracking south of us, and going out to sea. But now the GFS model has the track of the storm to be more north than what it was predicted to be from last week.

Snow is expected to fall from Washington DC to Boston.

According to the National Weather Service, “chance of rain” is expected Tuesday night into Wednesday night for central and southern New Jersey; while "chance of snow"  is expected in northern New Jersey.

There is still a chance for the storm to gain strength as it approaches the coast, stall along the coast which increases the duration of precipitation, or have a shift in its track giving New Jersey more snow than expected.