Like I do almost every year, I've scoured the web with new tidbits about tonight's game.


Getty Images Sport / Elsa

With very few exceptions, almost everyone with their TV turned on will be watching the Patriots clashing with the Seahawks.

Last years Super Bowl was the most watched telecast in U.S. history.  112 million viewers tuned in.

If you think the vast majority of viewers are males, you're incorrect.  Females accounted for almost 48 percent of last years viewership during the Super Bowl game that was played in East Rutherford. During the regular season only a third of people watching football are women.

I would recommend to fans attending the game to have a meal before heading to the venue.

The food concession prices are crazy!  Tonight at the University of Phoenix Stadium hungry fans will have to dole out 13 bucks for a hot dog, 8 dollars for a cup of soup, 11 for a hot chocolate and 12 smakaroos for a  beer.

Social media will be going bonkers tonight.

57 per cent of Super Bowl watchers say they will use Facebook and/or Twitter during the game.  You know there will be lots of comments about the game, commercials, and Katy Perry's halftime show.

47 per cent say the game itself is the most compelling part of the telecast.  25 per cent tune in for the commercials, and only a surprising 12 per cent watch the event for the half time show.

I hope for the advertisers sake that their commercial time pays off.

A thirty second advertisement on tonight's game will cost 4.5 million dollars.  That's a 12 per cent increase from last year.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, there's been conversation about the actual football.

Those "pigskins" are actually cowhide.

All of the official footballs used in the N.F.L. are manufactured by the Wilson Sporting Goods Company in Ada, Ohio.

Wilson has been supplying footballs to the N.F.L. since 1955.

The Pats and Seahawks will get 108 footballs apiece.  54 will be used for practice and 54 will be set aside for the game.

Did you know, no network footage exists from the first Super Bowl. Someone thought it was a good idea to save money and tape over the game with a soap opera.

Here's one final fact.

Aside from July 4th, more beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any day of the year.

With that said, if you will not be watching at home, please drive safely and enjoy the game.