Jax, New Jersey's brightest star, is still shining bright on 'American Idol,' and she was nice enough to check in with Dennis and Judi to talk about making it into the Top 5 and what the future holds  for her.

After Judi was done hounding Jax for the outfit that she wore last week, Jax discussed how she is staying focused through all the craziness that comes along with being part of the Top 5 contestants."I try, really, really, really hard to look at blogs or anything. But every now and then I do, I'm not perfect or anything." Jax continued "There's so much going on internally, that if we started focusing on what's going on outside the picture, we'll just lose our minds."

One of the things that is keeping her focused is the 38-city tour that she'll be heading out on with the other 5 finalists for American Idol Live! Jax mentioned that they are already preparing for the tour as well.

Jax was also extremely happy to be able to let her New Jerseyans know what song she will be performing on American Idol this week. Jax will be performing twice on this week's show. One song will be Alicia Keys' hit "Empire State of Mind Part II." The other song that Jax is performing is "Human," which she believes reflects her as an artist.

Jax said that while she couldn't reveal too much about what happened this past week, she said it was "probably one of the best weeks of her life." The group went to Nashville during this past week and while she loves her home state of New Jersey, Nashville will be a place where Jax would like to hang for a while. "I want to live there big time, that's exactly where I'm going, no offense to New Jerseyans."

While she'll be performing Wednesday, Jax was happy to know Dennis and Judi will be cheering for her at a live viewing party at Gusto Grill in East Brunswick. If you're in the area, make sure to stop by and cheer on Jax with Dennis and Judi as well! For more information on the viewing party, check out the Facebook page for more information.

Listen to the full interview with Jax and Dennis and Judi in the YouTube clip below.